Flight training to Private Pilot Licence level at Shobdon Aerodrome

Operating from Shobdon Airfield in Herefordshire near Leominster, Rotorflight can provide the ideal and challenging environment for the student, with excellent facilities, surroundings and amenities.

Private Pilot's Licence (PPL)

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Recent Rotorflight Training with Overseas Students

From Jan 2011 to Oct 2012 Rotorflight were involved with training Overseas Police and Civil Protection students with Tiger Helicopters, Shobdon Aerodrome in Herefordshire in association with Agusta Westland.

Students were taught from scratch through PPL on the Robinson R22 (90 Hours) and then conversions to the bigger Bell 206 were carried out.

The students then performed 65 hours of hour building navigational flights before starting their commercial flight course with the aim of attaining a JAR European Commercial Licence at around 190 hours.

Kuwait Police training

Rotorflight were involved with training 10 Kuwait Police student at Tiger Helicopters, Shobdon Aerodrome in Herefordshire in 2007.

The course started with each student required to acquire approx 180 hours of flying, to include 75 on the R22 , approx 60 on the Bell B206 Jetranger and approx 35 hours on an AS355 Twin Squirrel.

Paramedic training

Rotorflight were involved with the Air Ambulance unit to be based at Filton during mid-2007.

We've also been asked to provide helicopter ground training on Principles of Flight (H) and provide the qualified Paramedics with navigation appreciation using 250,000 and 50,000 OS maps. Additionally principles like Vortex ring, PFL's and Flapback were demonstrated.

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