Trial Flying lessons at Shobdon Airfield.

Trial Lessons (TL’s) commonly known by other terminology (Helicopter lessons, learn to fly a helicopter, how to fly a helicopter, helicopter training, helicopter flying lessons, helicopter lessons, helicopter flight training, flying experience, flying a helicopter or helicopter training schools) essentially mean the same thing i.e. you actually take the controls and fly the helicopter!

Any trial lesson flight is deductible from min 45 hours required to obtain your Private Pilots Helicopter licence. So if you fly a 1 hour trial lesson, and you continue to take helicopter flying lessons, your minimum hours to achieve your helicopter licence would then be 44!

Trial Lesson (learn to fly a helicopter) Briefing Approx 20 minutes

Start in our briefing room with your qualified helicopter instructor, and enjoy a full briefing (over a cup of coffee/tea), on how each control works and their effect on how the helicopter flies.

You will then be taken out onto the airfield for a walk-a-round of the helicopter where your instructor will give you an explanation about how the machine works and point out items of interest relevant to the upcoming flight.

Once you are sat in the helicopter, the instructor will give you your first feel of the controls and an explanation of the various dials, switches and instruments in the cockpit.

Trial Lesson Flight (30,45 or 60 minutes)

Your instructor will perform the start and radio calls to Shobdon Information before lifting into the hover and taxiing for departure. After take off, your instructor will climb to around 1500ft, level off and show you how each of the controls work, one by one.

Then you will be given control of the helicopter with your instructor close at hand!

Rotorflight Trial Lessons usually depart towards the Hay-on-Wye, Leominster or Hereford. If you are happy to, your instructor will show you more of what the helicopter can do such as autorotations, steep turns, slow flight to almost a hover and practice landings.

You will continue to fly the helicopter back to the airport where your instructor will take over for the approach and taxi to the hovering area. Here your instructor will show you some hovering and then let you have a go! Finally your instructor will land the aircraft and perform the shut down.

Trial Lesson Flight (60+ minutes)

If you would like a longer Trial Lesson, then you have the option of landing away at another airfield. This gives you an insight into what can be expected if you decide to progress further and obtain your Private Pilot Licence PPL(H).

Rotorflight usually fly to Wellesbourne near Stratford-on-Avon or Halfpenny Green Airport near Wolverhampton for these trial lessons. These helicopter lessons allow the instructor to show the student more exercises from the full helicopter training course.

Here you can enjoy a debrief of the flight over some food and drink at Wellesbourne’s or Wolverhampton’s restaurant next to their grass runway where you can watch all types of aircraft taking off and landing.

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If you know someone who would love to learn to fly a helicopter, then we also offer gift vouchers towards the cost of helicopter flying lessons.

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Weight limitation on the R22 two seat helicopter is 17st and the Jet Ranger Five seat helicopter 22st. Anyone over 6ft tall may be a bit cramped in the R22 and more comfortable flying in the Jet Ranger.

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