Self Fly Hire

Impress your friends and family – Take them to hotel for lunch!

Once you have your PPL(H) why not take friends and family out to lunch.

Our Self Fly Hire rates allow you to take passengers to destinations of your choice.

Most hotels will allow you to land a helicopter in the hotel garden if you are popping in just for coffee or lunch. You can also fly to other airfields if you wish.

So if you are looking to progress from the Robinson R22 (2 seat aircraft) to a larger 4 seat aircraft like the Robinson R44, Bell B206 Jet Ranger, AS350 or H500, then give us a call to discuss.

What to do once you have your PPL

Once you have your PPL, the flying opportunities are endless, and you can pilot your friends and family around, subject to the privileges of your licence under VFR (Visual Flight Rules).

Flying larger helicopters

Any students wishing to upgrade to a larger helicopter will need to achieve a Type Rating.

Both qualifications require theory study and a flight test with a CAA examiner.

Both qualifications require theory and practical tests, and at Rotorflight we can offer you dedicated help and support.

Night Flying

If you wish to fly at night, you will need to obtain a Night Qualification.

This is also required for a Commercial Pilots Licence CPL(H).

Requirements for aviation careers

If you are considering a career in aviation, then you will need to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H) or ATPL(H).

If you then wish to become an instructor, you must complete a flight instructor course.

Possibly for careers with the air ambulance, police force, coastguard or oil rigs, it may be worth looking at obtaining an Instrument Rating.

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